Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Packing for a Fall Show

Hi all, quick on the heels of our last blog, we wanted to add this little side-note.  Since we have the wonderful Sonoma Horse Park offering 7 competition weeks throughout the year, for many of you the Halloween Show will be your first off the property this year.  Packing and preparing, therefore, could pose some questions.  We are here to answer!  Please ensure everything on our upcoming list is clean and packed neatly inside your tack trunk by sunday morning, as the horses will be leaving monday morning and we like to be organized!  Ok here is the FCF packing list:

-Bridle & Martingale
-Boots or clean Polo Wraps
-Clean Standing Wraps and Bandages (some of you may not be in ownership of these, as it is easy to use the FCF stockpile when at home. Please note, we will NOT be packing extras, you are responsible for these items and your hard-working horse deserves them.  If you do not own these items, please visit the Equestrian's Concierge, who will happily outfit you!)
-Clean Saddle Pads
-Shipping Halter or Leather Halter (Safest when tied in the horse vans)
-1 Clean Sheet
-1 Clean Heavy Blanket (yes it's getting that cold at night, your newly clipped horses will appreciate it!)
-Your Personal Equipment (helmets, boots, gloves, spurs, etc should all be inside)
-1 Clean Tack Trunk Cover

Hopefully that covers the essentials, what is not needed are grooming or care supplies.  These will all be supplied by the FCF set-up.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask Dusty, Chelsea, or Giana.  They will happily steer you in the right direction!  We're very excited for this fun event and hope it entices more of you to visit the many wonderful show facilities offered in California!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Late Summer Recap

Ok, I know, I know.  We're probably the worst bloggers, maybe ever.  They are far and few between and probably lengthy and rambly when published.  I apologize!  It's been a pretty crazy 2 months which included many horse shows, horse sales and spotty internet reception.  I will try to make it quick, precise, informative, interesting, and you know, all that good stuff.

We left off at the last blog from the wonderful Menlo Charity Horse Show.  Upon our return from Menlo, our 2 Grand Prix horses, Peter and Nickel, took a little trip to the beautiful Del Mar Horse Park for 2 weeks of fun by the beach.  They had a successful 2 weeks of competition, bringing home blue ribbons and posting beautiful trips in the first FEI classes of the year.  Sadly, this was to be our last show with our beloved Nickel.  Congratulations to Joie Gatlin Show Stables on the purchase of this incredible horse, we will truly miss him!

Go Peter!
We miss you Nickel!

After that, it was on to the final 2 weeks of horse shows at our home, Sonoma Horse Park.  We had many great moments, wins, championships, goals met and of course fun!  Lynne Lancaster and her fab mare Cielo were Champions in the Modified Jr/Am division (with 2 wins!), Cielo was the winner of the Open Jumper Stake with Chelsea aboard, mother-daughter team Cheryl Gray and Claire Daniels each earned blue ribbons in their divisions, newcomer Avery Romano and Coppacabana made their debut together in the jumper ring with multiple clear rounds (go girls!), Brittany Shehi and Remonta Galeon made the move up to the Low Adult division with clear rounds across the board and Sharon Mackenzie also earned her share of top ribbons in the Adult Amateur hunter division. Go team FCF!  Also showing were sales horses Monte Carlo and R Lobo, each earning blue ribbons and Monte Carlo walked away with 2 Championships.  Dusty Z and Giana Roberge made the move up to the 1.25m division with top ribbons and Manicero and Chelsea also made the move up earning top ribbons themselves.  Peter, now our main man, had great rounds in the Grand Prix's and was the winner of the Open Welcome the first week!  It's been such a fabulous year of horse shows at Sonoma Horse Park, and we are so so lucky to call it home :)

Cielo is such a Champ.

As soon as Sonoma ended, Sacramento International started!  As they say: no rest for the wicked.  That monday we were loaded up and headed out for 2 weeks of incredible competition.  The 2 weeks brought about the USHJA Adult Jumper Championships, the arrival of new Grand Prix horse Valentino Z, Rambo and Ashlee Segard's return to the show ring after a year's hiatus and some beautiful footing, jumps, course designing and show jumping!  Lynne and Cielo gave it a go in the hotly contested USHJA Adult Jumper Championships, which included a team and individual competition.  Lynne was a part of the bronze medal winning team (our fearless leader, Dusty, acting as Chef d'Equipe!) and her consistent efforts throughout the week earned her 7th place individually.  Congrats Lynne!  Ashlee and Rambo had beautiful rounds in the Low Adult division, earning many top ribbons and Rambo jumped a fantastic double clear to finish 8th in the Open Classic with Chelsea.  Valentino Z, literally fresh off the van, stepped right into the show ring and earned ribbons in the 1.30m - 1.40m classes both weeks and even delivered beautiful trips in the Grand Prix the first week and the $25,000 Open Stake the second week!  Not bad, seeing as Chelsea had only ever ridden the horse one time before, a year and a half ago!  We're very excited for this new prospect.  Lastly, Peter, our new man of the hour.  He has certainly taken the role of #1 to heart and couldn't have jumped better if he tried!  Top ribbons in the 1.30m and 1.40m classes started it off.  Thursday night of the second week brought about the $33,000 FEI Welcome Speed Grand Prix (only his 2nd FEI class ever) and he threw down a beautiful clear round for an 8th place finish out of 58 horses.  What a man!  On Sunday, he again threw down a double clear effort, finishing 5th out of 68 starters in the $25,000 Open Stake.  Do I see World Cup classes in this horses' future??....  All in all, it was a fantastic 2 weeks of stellar competition, can't wait for next year!

Lynne enjoys one of her favourite activities: the Victory Gallop!!

Welcome Valentino Z

The main man, Peter

Now that the dust has cleared and we've had a chance to catch our breath, it's on to the final 2 horse shows of the season for FCF.  Let's Show Halloween is just around the corner, quickly followed by the Las Vegas National.  We're so proud of all our clients and horses progress and success over the year's show season and can't wait for an exciting end to 2013!

Oh, and a side note:  for those that haven't seen it, our own Dusty Blackwood was recently the "featured professional" on our fav website Proequest.  Check out the article!