Saturday, August 17, 2013

Menlo Charity Horse Show

Last week was the ever-popular Menlo horse show.  This show is like no other on our calender, as it's truly a social event.  Every night has a different social activity, from dinners to Gala's, fashion shows to silent auctions and some of the best shopping around

Some sights at the beautiful Menlo

.  It's almost more for the spectator than the exhibitor.  Almost.  While all these fun events are going on, there are some pretty fantastic classes being held.  International Hunter Derbies, Take Your Own Line Speed Classes, Horse and Hound Races, and the Grand Prix to name a few.  It was an exciting week, whether you were there for the horses or to have fun with friends.

The first part of the week was all about our two attending hunters, Square One and Journey.  FCF Pro Chelsea enjoyed the rides on these two lovely horses, prepping them for a busy weekend.  Journey performed beautifully in his classes, always the business man in the show ring.  Square One tried his end in the uber-competitive Performance division, coming out with scores in 80s and 4th place finishes.  He's such a competitor.
Square One

Thursday brought the start of the Adult divisions.  Owners Joan Gamble and Sharon Mackenzie have never looked better.  Throughout the whole weekend the ladies proved what consistent and educated horsewomen they are, laying down trip after trip and earning top ribbons along the way.  Sharon, in her very first Menlo appearance, was the winner of her age group's U/S and her well-ridden rounds earned her many 3rds, 4ths and 5ths against some stiff competition.  Joan herself had many ribbons flying from her horse's bridle, as her gorgeous trips earned her scores of 83 and 84.  May we just remind everyone that this was Joan's return to the ring after a year's absence??  Unbelievable, this lady sure can ride.  We are so proud to call you both part of Team FCF.
Square One waiting for the jog!

The weekend brought about the arrival of our Grand Prix horse's, Peter and Nickel for the $40,000 Bentley Grand Prix.  This highlight event brought some of the best competition in Northern CA to contend for such a hefty purse.  Our boys were at a slight disadvantage, as their first time in the ring was for the Grand Prix itself, but being the ultimate showmen they are, this would be no problem.  In front of a huge, enthusiastic crowd, the boys jumped their hearts out, with Nickel earning a spot in the jump-off.  Nickel, always fleet of foot, flew around the course and came in with an excellent 3rd place finish.  Peter, not far behind, landed in 9th position.  A great evenings work for our boys, words can't express how much we love them!  After the victory gallop, we wrapped up, packed up and headed home.  Phew.  Busy week but gotta love this heritage horse show!


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