Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It was the trip that almost didn’t happen.  The Dallas/Fort Worth airport had apparently become our nemesis with ice storms making for delayed and cancelled flights.  We arrived at SFO on Saturday, with a late morning flight booked to Dallas and then an evening connecting flight to Queretaro.  Upon arrival (after a police escort to our parking spot… no joke!), we found out our flight to Dallas was delayed by 3 hours and our flight to Queretaro cancelled.  Well shoot.  It was either fly to Dallas and wait or stay in SF and wait, bottom line: no horse show on Sunday for us.  Ok, lets stay here and try again tomorrow.
Told you we had a police escort!

And try we did, arriving at the SFO airport at 5:30 am hoping for good news.  We were quickly disappointed.  No go through Dallas.  We were thankfully re-routed through Houston, although our flight didn’t leave til 10:30 am, it was now only 6:15 am. Ugh.  After a lovely meander through the airport and a lengthy breakfast, we were finally on our way, a day late.

When we finally arrived at our final destination of Queretaro, we were met with a little bit of good news:  The horse show had been rained out on the weekend so they were holding the Grand Prix and the Open Classic on Monday, which was now tomorrow.  Perfect!  We would now get to watch several horses we were interested in.  After a night of rest, we were up early, ready to get a few trials in before the Grand Prix started at 9.  Our business partner in this sales venture, Antonio Maurer, had several quality horses lined up and waiting when we walked into the warm up arena.  After a bit of riding and videoing, we enjoyed breakfast while watching an incredible Grand Prix at a beautiful venue.  Balvanera has an enormous grass field, beautiful jumps and a great atmosphere.  So fun!  After that, it was time for more riding and videoing, then time for the Classic.  Much to everyone’s delight, Antonio brought home the blue ribbon on a horse we intend to bring up.  Yay!  Check his round out:

We enjoyed a quick dinner, then hopped in the car for the 2 hour trip to Leon, where Antonio’s new facility is located.  We’d never been here before so it was exciting to check out the new digs.  Boy they didn’t disappoint either!  After a night of rest in preparation for an extremely busy day, we were at the stables by 6 am.  While waiting for the sun to rise enough for us to ride, we checked things out. A beautiful 40 stall barn with many organized tack rooms sits behind 2 massive outdoor arenas, a huge clubhouse and an indoor ring, used mainly to keep out of the hot sun.  With plans to expand and create a Grass Jumping field, the place is pretty close to perfection.  6:30 am rolled around, and it was light enough for us to ride, and ride we did!  With time on the mind (we had to be at the airport in Guadalajara at 2:30 pm) we quickly went through our list, trying beautiful horse after beautiful horse.  Here are a couple of our favorites:
-Precioso: Precioso Jumping
-Taxco de la Nutria: Taxco Jumping

The handsome Precioso

Outside Antonio's barn

Looking down the barn aisle, hi horsies!

Talia, the adorable dog we want!

Upon completion of our list of available horses at this facility, we jumped into the car and took of on another 2 hour journey to Guadalajara with 15 more horses waiting to be tried. Yikes!  We arrived in good time and got to work, quickly trying and videoing more gorgeous horses.  Here are another couple of our faves from Guadalajara:
-Corita: Corita Jumping
-Rio Negro: Rio Negro Jumping
-Quidance: Quidance Jumping

One of the pretty rings in Guadalajara

The barn

Another ring

A quick change and wash and off again, this time to the airport, which we arrived at right on time! Success!  We always have such an incredible time on our shopping trips, and encourage anyone interested to join us on our next adventures!  See anything you like on the videos?  Email us and we can give you all the info you might need J  We’re very excited to hopefully bring a few of these talented, wonderful horses home to CA!

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